Our contacts

Address: 20, Saksaganskogo str., 2 floor, apt. 4 (right of the stairs). Press 123 on the code lock at the entrance.

Phone: +38 093 483 76 65

E-mail: catshostel@catshostel.org или catshousehostel@mail.ru

Skype: catshousehostel

Group in Vkontakte: https://vk.com/cats_house_hostel or https://vk.com/catshousehostel

Page in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CatshouseHostel/

How you can get to us:
From main railway station.
- Tram # 9 to stop "Zelena street" or tram # 1 to stop "Saksaganskogo street". Travelling time about 20 min. Both stops are located at the Saksaganskogo and Ivan Franko crossroad, a one minute walk away from hostel.
- The bus # 15, 43 or 24 from Privokzalnaya square to stop "Zelena street". Travelling time about 15 min. The stop is located at the Zelena and Shota Rustaveli crossroad, a 3 min walking away from hostel.

From main bus station(Stryiska str.)
The bus # 3А or trolleybus # 5 to stop "Shota Rustaveli street". Travelling time about 20-25 min. About 3 min walking from stop to hostel. When you go out bus or trolleybus cross the Sh. Rustaveli street, turn left, then turn right on the first turning, cross the street Ivan Franko. You will be near to our hostel.

From airport.
Better of all to take a taxi. Taxi fare is about 80-100 UAH. Travelling time about 15 min.

Fare in tram and trolleybus: 2 hryvnias (for students of Ukraine - 1 UAH). Fare in bus: 4 hryvnias.

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